Issues related to integrity and conflict of interest were discussed with public officials in Armavir


On October 26, Armavir Infotan held a course on "Conflict of interest and rules of conduct for public servants". The representatives of Armavir, Metsamor and Baghramyan extended communities and Armavir regional administration participated at the training. It was conducted by Mariam Galstyan, a member of the Corruption Prevention Commission.

The second course for community and civil servants was organized under the initiative of the Commission and the Eurasian Cooperation Foundation within the framework of the "Support to Civil Society for Impact on Reforms" program with the support of the Sweden government.

At the beginning of the course, the basic rules of public servants' behavior were discussed, then the concept of conflict of interest and its manifestations in the state administration system were presented.

The participants were particularly interested in the parallel work allowed and not allowed in the case of different positions, as well as the requirements of incompatibility of public servants, which are defined by law.

Mariam Galstyan also presented the cases of conflicts of interest that often occur during the practice or the suspicious reports. Reference was made to the Model Rules of Conduct of Public Servants.

The member of the Commission reminded that if there is a conflict of interest or suspicion of corruption risks, they can send a request to the Corruption Prevention Commission, from where they can work based on the answer received, avoiding further problems.

The meeting gave the participants an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the working procedure of the Corruption Prevention Commission and to find opportunities for cooperation with the Commission.