Anti-corruption assessment methodology kick-off meetings within the EU Twinning program


This week CPC held, with the support of German experts as part of the EU twinning project “Fostering integrity and preventing corruption in the public sector in Armenia”, kick-off meetings and workshops with three state-owned private organizations (Hayantar SNCO, Kindergarten 119, ANIF – Armenian National Interests Fund) with the aim of to carry out corruption risk analyses. 

Conducting a risk analysis is the indispensable basis for setting up an integrity system in order to avoid corruption. Only those organizations who are aware of their risks can afterwards implement tailor-made preventive measures, either in the areas of internal control, staff awareness-rising or regulation. This applies to privatized commercial / non-commercial organizations as well as to public authorities. 

This week՛s workshops proceeded in a very open and constructive atmosphere. It is intended - with further support from CPC and international experts - by each of the three organizations to create a corruption risk atlas by the end of 2023, which, if necessary, will define further preventive measures in the form of an individual action plan and then implement them timely.