Students and educators of Berd State Multifunctional College visited the Corruption Prevention Commission


The Corruption Prevention Commission greatly emphasizes the importance of the preventive component in the fight against corruption in our country and public solidarity and cooperation in this regard. For this purpose, the Commission organizes informative meetings with various groups.

This time, a group of students and educators from Berdi State Multipurpose College visited the Corruption Prevention Commission.

At the beginning of the meeting, the students presented their opinions and perceptions regarding the "corruption" phenomenon and talked about its consequences, means of struggle and importance. Then, the head of the Educational, Public Awareness Programs and Monitoring Department, Sasun Hambardzumyan, presented the legislative regulations and the institutes created in the Republic of Armenia, which are called to prevent corruption and fight against it.

Both students and educators were interested in the declaration system aimed at the transparency and accountability of the material values of the persons holding a public position and having the obligation to submit a declaration and the ways of using it.

They also talked about the scope of the Commission's activities, structure, functions and powers of the divisions. Reference was made to the integrity checking of public servants.