A group of students of National Polytechnic University of Armenia was presented the main tools for preventing corruption in our country


On November 4, the Corruption Prevention Commission hosted a group of students from National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

At the beginning of the meeting, the students gave their descriptions of the "corruption" phenomenon, presented their perceptions of the importance of fighting corruption, and what is needed to prevent corruption.

Then, the institutes created in the Republic of Armenia, which are called to prevent corruption and fight against it, were introduced to the students. They talked about the scope of the Commission's activities, its structure, functions and the powers of its divisions. Reference was made to the scope of persons who are obliged to submit a declaration, the transparency of the official's material resources through declarations, and the process of checking the integrity of public office holders.

The students were especially interested in the details related to the check of integrity, filling out the declarations, how the conclusions of integrity are issued, by whom and what consequences they may have.

Other tools of public control were also presented, in particular, the importance of azdararir.am website.

The Corruption Prevention Commission places great importance on public solidarity and cooperation in eradicating corruption in our country, therefore, such meetings with various groups are ongoing.