The toolkit for preventing corruption and fighting against corruption. two-day working discussion in Tavush


On October 26-27, within the framework of public awareness meetings called "Anti-corruption policy and integrity", the representatives of the Corruption Prevention Commission, RA Ministry of Justice and USAID Armenia Integrity Project were in Tavush on a two-day visit

On October 26, educators and parents of students from educational institutions implementing general education, pre-vocational (vocational) and secondary vocational educational programs of Ijevan participated at the meeting in Ijevan.

The employees of the Commission's educational, public awareness programs and monitoring department and representatives of USAID Armenia Integrity Project were speakers.

The functions of the Commission were presented to the participants. The employees of the Commission presented information on the main directions of the RA government's anti-corruption policy, the institutional system of fighting corruption, the implementation of the integrity system, the activities of the Commission, the works and programs carried out in the fight against corruption.

On October 27, the employees of the Corruption Prevention Commission, RA Ministry of Justice and representatives of the USAID Armenia Integrity Project were hosted in Tavush Administrative Region. They met with the representatives of the Tavush Administrative Region staff.

The speakers referred to the elements of the integrity system, which are the principles of behavior of public officials and civil servants, the rules of conduct arising from them, the requirements of incompatibility, other restrictions, the conflict of interests, the prohibition of accepting gifts during the performance of official duties. Details regarding the legislative field and the actions carried out by the Commission, as well as statistical data were presented.

During the active discussion, various questions related to the topic of corruption prevention were raised, and various recommendations were made.