Gifts received by public officials will be registered in the electronic registry. the reference of First Channel News


In order to control and increase the transparency of the gifts received by public servants a centralized electronic register of gifts will be introduced in our country. The Chief Methodologist of the Methodological Support Department of the Corruption Prevention Commission Narine Avetisyan interviewed to First Channel News journalist Nare Voskanyan.

It should be reminded that on the basis of the recommendations submitted by GRECO, as well as on the basis of studies conducted by international experts, public servants’ gift restrictions have been consolidated into one legal act, which draft is now on the e-draft platform for public discussion. According to the proposed regulations officials’ gifts will be registered whose supervisory body is the Corruption Prevention Commission.

“As in the case of the rest of the declaration system, in the case of the gift registry, there will be also an electronic space open to the public where people can go and see,” said Narine Avetisyan.

“There are gifts that will be forbidden. They are gifts of money, checks, bills, coins, any game or any tickets that are of any value,” noted Narine Avetisyan.

Watch the full video of First Channel News on the Commission's YouTube page.