The Elimination of the “High-Ranking Official” Legislative Formulation


Based on the recommendations presented by the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials, the formulation of the “high-ranking officials” is not reflected in the new RA Law on “Public Service”. Its legislative enshrinement was justified until July 1 of 2017, when the jurisdiction of the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials covered only high-ranking officials. Meanwhile, the obligation of submitting asset, income and related persons declarations is currently prescribed for other officials too. Besides, the jurisdiction scope of the Corruption Prevention Commission to be formed on the base of the Ethics Commission is enlarged and will cover other officials too.
Under the conditions of the current legislative regulations, the withdrawing criteria of the high-ranking officials is not clear yet. For example, in regard to the prosecutors, high-ranking positions are the RA Prosecutor General, his/her deputies, as well as the prosecutors of Yerevan, regions and garrison. Or the Chief of Staff of the Constitution Court is also included in the list of high-ranking officials, meanwhile the Head of the Judicial Department or the members of the Highest Judicial Council are not included in the list of high-ranking officials.