Public awareness campaign on the topic of corruption prevention among Vanadzor educators and parents of school age children


The Corruption Prevention Commission continues public awareness meetings on the topic of corruption prevention. The second meeting with educators and parents of school-aged children took place on 19th October at the Lori regional state college.

The educators and school age children’s parents of the educational institutions implementing general education, pre-professional and secondary professional educational programs in the region participated in the second public awareness meeting called "Anti-corruption policy and integrity".

The employees of the Educational, Public Awareness Programs and Monitoring Department of the CPC and the representatives of the USAID Armenia Integrity Project were speakers.

The importance of integrity system, spreading zero tolerance to corruption and some details of the work done in this direction were presented to the participants. They talked about upcoming programs on corruption prevention through education and awareness.

Various questions related to the topic were raised during the rather active discussion, as well as the existing needs for more in-depth and comprehensive teaching of the topic of corruption prevention in educational institutions were presented.

In the near future, the Commission is planning similar meetings in other regions of the Republic of Armenia and in the capital.