A corruption risk assessment system will be introduced in Nonprofit Organizations


First Channel News referred to the “Fostering integrity and preventing corruption in the public sector in Armenia” EU Twinning Program.

A corruption risk assessment system will be introduced in Armenia for the first time.

The government sees corruption as a challenge to build a legally secure and economically strong democratic state.

Promoting integrity is an important component not only of the anti-corruption strategy, but also of the implementation of the judicial and legal reform strategy. In this context, we emphasize raising the awareness of the general public,” said Edgar Mkrtchyan, the head of the RA Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan's office, emphasizing cooperation with the EU.

"The EU is heavily involved in the fight against corruption in Armenia and will continue to support the authorities in these programs," said Cilia Kazman, deputy head of the cooperation department of the EU delegation in Armenia.

The program is expected to localize and apply the experience of Germany and Latvia in this field in Armenia to form an intolerant attitude towards corruption through education. Next is public awareness, the introduction of anti-corruption strategy and monitoring mechanism.

The Chairwoman of the Corruption Prevention Commission Haykuhi Harutyunyan stated in an interview with Public Television. "In order to exclude bribery in the system, it is planned to introduce a corruption risk assessment system in state non-commercial organizations, based on the results of which corruption risks will be prevented in places even before the crime or behavior containing elements of a crime."

The Twinning program is implemented by the Corruption Prevention Commission and the Ministry of Justice of the RA together with the EU.

Whatch the full video of First Channel News on the Commission's Youtube page