Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

Issues regarding the preparation of audited annual reports were discussed with the representatives of the parties


On July 22, the Corruption Prevention Commission, in order to properly organize the audit process of the parties’ annual reports, convened a working discussion with the participation of the representatives of the parties subject to mandatory audit.

As it has already been published, the process of selecting the audit organizations of 11 parties subject to mandatory audit has started and is already in the final stage.

Corruption Prevention Commission member Aramayis Pashinyan informed the participants of the discussion that it is planned to start auditing the annual reports of the parties before the end of the current month, so it is necessary to finish the preparation of the reports before then. The draft of the report form and the procedure for filling it in were previously provided to the parties and discussed during the previous meetings.

The representatives of the parties mainly raised issues related to membership fees and donations. Participants expressed concern that in the case of donations made through banks and other payment terminals, they often do not have access to the identity document data of the payers, while they are required to be included in the annual report. Aramayis Pashinyan noted that the law օn parties defined a number of restrictions related to donations to parties and membership fees, and in order to control them, it is necessary to identify the donors with the data of the identity document. According to the participants, the state should work with the banks in this direction, setting the identity document data as a mandatory valid condition in case of donations to parties.