Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

The Commission is planning to implement a training program for teachers in 2022


On 26 April 2022, within the framework of the EU-funded project entitled “Consolidation of the Justice System in Armenia”, the Commission hosted Dr. Otilia Pacurari, International Expert on Education and Training.

The expert introduced the management of the training cycle and the methods of designing questionnaires to the staff of the Education, Public Awareness programs, and Monitoring Department, as well as to the Chief Methodologist of the CPC. Based on the international expert’s recommendation, the staff first conducted a needs analysis, then identified the target groups and developed a draft questionnaire.

Ms. Pacurari suggested implementing the Corruption Prevention Awareness Program for teachers in several stages: compiling a questionnaire, selecting a focus group, and conducting an interview with the management of the educational institutions.

"Before launching the Corruption Prevention Awareness campaign, it is important to figure out what the participants’ perception of the topic is,” was noted by Otilia Pacurari.

With the help of the expert, the training participants developed a questionnaire consisting of five questions.

According to the expert, the most important step in the awareness program is the design of the questionnaire, which determines the expediency of the following 2 steps. If the questionnaires will give a better insight to the Commission on the key materials and methods to be used to increase teachers’ awareness during the training, the other two steps might be skipped.

Dr. Otilia Pacurari also expressed readiness to cooperate with the Commission in the future, including acting as an expert/trainer for educators in Armenia.