Corruption prevention education programs aim at raising public awareness. The reference of "First Channel News"


Public awareness is one of the key components of the anti-corruption reforms in Armenia. The head of the Public Education and Awareness Programs Monitoring Department of the Corruption Prevention Commission, Sasun Hambardzumyan interviewed to "First Channel News" journalist Nare Voskanyan.

One of the powers delegated to the Commission by law is the organization of anti-corruption educational processes.

“Studies show that over the past 30 years the civil society has taken on the main burden of the implementing anti-corruption education programs in the Republic of Armenia," said Sasun Hambardzumyan.

"We have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the International Anti-Corruption Academy to invest in the content of the educational program,” noted he.

In cooperation with the Commission and international organizations, the Armenian youth can apply to participate in the "International Anti-Corruption Summer School for Students and Youth" educational program until April 25.

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